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  1. 2019 Thesis Winner: Zach Smith - Tell It Slant- Why Political Opinions Are A Critical Comp Of Political Reporting & Journalism

    The press’s incorporation of political opinions in the news is a vital piece of political journalism because these opinions help viewers to better engage with the news and equip voters with the tools they need to better understand the political issues in the country. In order to preserve their integrity as journalists and effectively serve their purpose of accurately informing the American voter, the press needs to diversify its political opinions.

  2. 2018 Thesis Winner: Carly Richardson:Don’t Get FED Up:Why the Federal Government Should Be the Sole Enforcer of Immigration L

    City government and police should not be threatened with fiscal punishment regarding their lack of enforcement of federal immigration law. Instead, the federal government should be the sole enforcer of illegal immigration, providing cities the freedom to do what is best for their respective communities. By leaving the enforcement of illegal immigration to the federal government, cities are provided the freedom to implement laws that allow the economy to flourish and crime rates to drop.

  3. 2017 Thesis Winner: Harrison Mahony- Development Demagogues- A Case for Reforming the IMF

    The International Development Association must reform their neoliberal conditional loaning system for the benefit of impoverished peoples.
    1. The World Bank is a business enterprise, so a bottom line is necessary to stay afloat. However, by putting fiscal interests first, the World Bank has created instability and
    dependence in developing nations.
    2. Additionally, IDA investment in developing nations increases income inequality, and
    3. unfair conditions set forth in agreements hurt the poor the most. Reform is ultimately necessary but my thesis focuses on these highly contended issues within the system.

  4. 2016 Thesis Winner: Rachel Prichett: Livin' La Vida Broka: Free Streaming's Negative Financial and Artistic Effects on

    Spotify’s free streaming philosophy, and all similar models, must be eradicated because they devalue music as an art form, work with record labels to take advantage of artists, and cannot replace download sales or paid streaming royalties with only ad revenue from free, ad-supported tiers. These issues are leading to an unnecessary financial crisis in the recording industry, and a society where music is perceived as a commodity rather than as an art form.

  5. 2015 Thesis Winner: Jennie Kuykendall - The Next Genderation: Charting a New Course Between Stereotypes and Social Constructs

    Over the course of history, the pendulum of gender has swung from oppressive to insignificant. I am arguing that because emerging science confirms meaningful sex differences, we can confirm God’s purpose in creating humanity in two distinct ways that affect our relationship with Him and others. There are biological and theological distinctions between men and women that cannot be defined by traditional stereotypes or arbitrary social constructs.

  6. Thesis 2014 Winner: Brandon Dickey Dueling With Dualism Theology And Neuroscience Supporting Anthropological Monism By